Are You a Trader or Gadget Freak?

Are You a Trader or Gadget Freak

Are you trading for Money or showing off your gadgets? I see many traders showing off several screens, I ask them Are You a Trader or Gadget Freak? Do we need 4-10 monitors and several watches on our walls to look like a professional trader? What exactly a trader should have? 


Are You A Trader or Want to Show Off?

Think thrice after reading the title above. What are you? What type of computer or gadgets you need to trade like a professional. My Answer, Only 1 Laptop or Desktop would do. I see many traders in abroad and in the country that they spend tons of money buying trading computers for using multi-terminal and expanding the view of the market. Some traders think they are over smart traders and brand rated.

Those traders try to make a face on the traders who only have a desktop PC or LAPTOP to trade. Remember, real traders or real people don’t have time to talk craps about someone else cause they know the value of their time. I see many traders writing against other traders and their methods, believe me, they are not criticizing others but harming themselves cause while they are writing these craps, they are missing a good setup in any of the pairs. So, know your value, know the value of your time.

Are you trader or Gadget Freak


A Laptop with Minimum Configuration Will Do the Trick

Believe me, Trading in a personal computer or LAPTOP is what you need for trading well. I only use a Macbook Air, iMac, and a Samsung 10.5 inch Tablet. But if you would believe, I started trading by investing $200 for an HP Mini Laptop with Atom Processor in it. I used to do courses, trade, and make money from that tiny little machine with a 1.8 GHz processor and 2 GB ram with 320 GB hard disk space.

After having a decade of trading experience, I am still using only 3 screens. Yes, it’s only 3 screens which help me to monitor Fundamentals, Technicals, and Order Flows of the market. Check my Weekly Free Analysis where I provided over 40,000+ pips for FREE. Simple. I run Trading view and LIVE SQUAWK on my big screen iMAC, I run Meta trader 4 on my Macbook Air and I see multiple charts on my Tablet. That is it, if you have a computer and don’t feel irritated switching between tabs and software then a $200 laptop would help you do the same but with a bit of a hassle to switch between programs. But believe me, if you are starting only a small laptop would do.

Trade for Profit, Not to Show Off

Are you a trader or a Gadget Freak

source: Laptop Amigo

To conclude, stop getting wowed by seeing a full trading setup in a room with so many monitors and so much to look at. Remember, Every shining object is not gold. You are not going to analyze all the pairs and you are not superhuman to take a trade every while, if you are doing it, you are over-trading. Moreover, if you are getting a good profit, stop now, cause you are going to lose it soon if you are going to continue this style.

What do I do? !!! Eat, Sleep, Play XBOX, Watch a movie, read books about trading and self-help. That’s it. Keep it simple and earn handsomely. That’s where the magic lies. So, stop now. Don’t invest in indicators, robots, or tons of monitors to earn a trading setup, just follow your methods and get on with it. Don’t ever trade when your method’s conditions are not met. To get a professional course from a professional trading mentor with Lifetime Access, you can join MFX University. The only place, where you will get 100% guided help and trading lessons from a veteran trader. Click Here to buy the Lifetime Membership at Discounted Price. Hurry Up, time is running out.


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