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If you have read my first article on JUST FOUND AN ANSWER ABOUT FOREX TRADING Episode 1proceed to this article. Or else click on the article title to read that article first before continuing. As I have included some advanced stuff here, you will need to understand the first article before continuing to this article.

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What a FOREX trader or any trader or any businessman desires? Information or Analysis or Setups or Suggestion? What’s your view? No, Everyone in this world, looks for PROFIT. It’s our social need. We need money and money comes from Profit. Isn’t it?

Just Found An Answer About Forex Trading Myths


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Why people are living in big houses and some are in slums? Why people are walking around the streets while others are travelling in Air-conditioned car with maximum comfort? Its all about money and as a trader or businessman money comes from profit.

What would be the best gift for a trader? Analysis? No. Then Good Indicator or system? No. What then? It’s the profit-making scenario. If a trader makes a profit, he becomes confident and becomes happy, but if the trader buys an online course does he seem that kind of happy like the time when he made profits. Answer simply No. So, after writing all these lines, I just wanted to express and let all of you understand that why we are trading and why we want to trade. And all answer describes one-word PROFIT.

So, after reading above, you might be thinking, what rubbish is this? Is this an article or a joke? My friend, its reality. I am showing you this again, I know you work on it and you know it very well but you don’t recognize it properly. That is the problem.



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Recently one of a student found an indicator named HOLY GRAIL costing about $620. Believe me guys he was so interested that he really wanted to use that. He was very much influenced and believed that it would make him profitable. But, the one and only thing that can make a trader profitable is his own trading sense (MINDSET and Trading Literacy), Nothing else.

Do you know who is your real enemy? No, it’s not other traders or your competitors. It’s solely you. You are responsible for your profit and losses. Traders become frustrated when they lose and they become over and over and overconfident when they win. They try to make more when they win, that’s good, we all think like that but at what extent? If we lose, we try to recover our loss with more trade named as over trading and they lose more. Yes, it’s guaranteed. LUCK? Believe me, if you believe in luck totally for trading FOREX. You are a gambler. Stay away from the trade. Don’t misbehave with the market, don’t harm yourself. Cause when you misbehave market does not get affected, the affected element is you. So beware. To learn how to trade like a professional and build up your trading career, join MFX UNIVERSITY with Lifetime Access today.

Simple Solution to The Forex Trading Problems


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So, what to be done? Just try to read the market. I always tell my fellow students, followers and everyone I know who trades FOREX, Futures etc. Just to keep it simple. Always remember, if you try too hard, it might rip off. Just think of a rubber band, if you try too hard to stretch it at its max, after a certain period of time it will rip off from the middle. That’s what we traders do. We try too hard. We search for good indicators, we search for the holy grail, we search for system etc. but we always forget we are really searching for that is PROFIT.

There are thousands of indicators, everyone is telling that their systems are the world’s best system. But do you know, if worlds best system belongs to you then you will not be making a profit. Why? Its because the system does not suit you. When a system does not suit you, whether its EARTH’s best system.

So, what’s the solution? Search on the whole world? No, just try to keep it simple. Remember, when we try to mix something complex we become confused and we take the wrong decision. According to a survey, students mostly fails in MCQ based examinations cause the options to seem too relevant with each other to confuse him/her. So, try to keep your trading very simple. Check our simple rule-based article on how to keep things simple in trading, techniques from the movie 3 idiots.

Indicators Are Not Bad


You are using indicators, good, use only 2-3 maximum even the world’s renowned scammer KARL DITTMANN’s indicators also can make a profit. How? I myself made a good profit with his indicator systems. Its because every indicator and systems are made of some algorithms and if a trader can track that, then the magic begins. So, first, you need to know the functionality in case of using any indicators or systems then go for profit but we traders we are in a rush to lose our money here.

I see many screenshots with huge profit scale, they are doing 20+ trades in a day. Don’t do that, its a business not a coin collection game like Subway Surfers. Don’t try to run to get profits, you may be smashed by a train soon. So, beware. Learn to be a profitable trader by learning from a worldwide known analyst and trainer with Lifetime Acess, Join MFX University today. Click here to join now. 

Keeping it simple, is the main rule. To know more about it stay tunes to MFX CENTER. The next episode will bring in some new techniques to keep it simple along with certain rules and make profit consistently.

Thanks for being with us
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