Where Losing is not an Option

We always look for idols in America, England, Australia etc. In this article, Where Losing is not an option, we will learn from a regular guy about How to Get Up from Consistent Losses. We try to learn from them how they are surviving in this cruel world. But do we know we have many people around us who can teach us a lesson of life and mostly trading?


I was walking around Kotowali area with my Cousin Mr Al Faisal when I saw a person selling singaras and somusas in a van who would be around 60 years. He is an old aged guy named ABDUS SATTAR. He sells Singara, Dalpuri and Alu Chop in the street of FIRINGEE BAZAR, near Dovash mansion. Why I am talking about him? There is a reason.

Where Losing is not an option – The History

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The man used to have a shop in the same street 4 years ago. Due to the CDA road broadening process, he lost his shop. He is a man not less than 60 years old. He was very much depressed and was not finding any path to regain what he lost. After a month, he came up with a new idea, he started selling the same products on the footpath of that street. Moreover, He did not stop, he again attracted customers to his shop and MASHA ALLAH, there are many stores near him who sell same products but the man’s van is surrounded by tons of customers waiting for his special singara, dalpuri and alu chop.
This man is an inspiration, this man is a hero whom we don’t even care. We care about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet but we undermine the winner of the war named life among us. The man could sit back and cry for the whole life but he decided to stand up and fight again, That’s what is called SPIRIT, strength to get up.

What A Trader Can Learn From This?

Now if you are a trader or a businessman what we can learn from it?

1. Specialization tool. The man concentrates on a few products to produce and what he produces is the best. So, as a businessman or a trader, we should concentrate on a specific field or instrument rather than spreading our legs on two boats. Concentrating on many markets or equipment may only confuse you and get you nowhere.

2. Losing is not an option. The man teaches us, there may be losses, there may be a downfall, life may strike you down but the choice to stand up and fight again is yours. Crying and sitting back is not an option. He made me realize the golden quote ” YOU ARE STILL A WINNER UNLESS YOU STOP TRYING”. So, in business and trading there may be huge losses but sitting back and crying for what you lost is just like wasting time. Get up, and identify your mistakes, try to resolve it and gain success.

3. Have faith in yourself. Believe that you can succeed. The man believed that he can start again, he had faith that he can regain the confidence of the customers. He believed that he can make it up again, it does not matter where he is starting from but is the start satisfying his need? That’s what is very important. You might cry over having low capital on business but if you aim high, I personally believe we can do it.

This man, Abdus Sattar, is an example for us. Let’s be inspired, lets think positive, let’s gather confidence, lets work towards the goals which we are meant for. Learn to be a professional trader with Lifetime Membership, Join MFX University today. Exclusive Discounts and Offers Available.

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What Traders can learn from the movie 3 idiots? (MFX EXCLUSIVE)

What a trader can learn from movie 3 idiots

We all watched the movie 3 idiots and we really liked its motive but as a trader did you try to apply the theory? What Traders can learn from this movie? The simple yet powerful strategies of 3 idiots movie can help us as traders to improve our trading performance and enhance our trading life. Let’s check out the exclusive article about impressive techniques a trader can learn from the movie by Rajkumar Hirani, 3 idiots.

What Traders Can Learn from 3 Idiots Movie?

3 Idiots is a 2009 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age comedy-drama film co-written (with Abhijat Joshi) and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The film stars Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani and Omi Vaidya. (Source – Wikipedia)


Theory Number 1:- Don’t run after success, be a good trader and success will run after you.


If you don’t know what to trade how to trade and when to trade properly then you are not a good trader, cause you don’t know about yourself how can you know about the market and trade with the market. If know-how to? Then you will know when to? And if you know when to then you will never lose the capital. To be a successful trader, I personally never traded much rather I invested thousands of dollars for learning. Yes, for learning. If I tried to invest those dollars before learning I got have got out of the FOREX world years back but no, I worked hard to learn about the market and by the RAHMAT of ALLAH and my knowledge now I can trade properly and earn a handsome profit.

Theory Number 2:- Try to Love what you do, rather than just sitting in front of the market and making losses.

You should love the way of trading. I personally love trading so much that I can trade without sleeping a whole night, I can look at the chart 24 hours without any glimpse and I can analyze research my whole life. I love this trading career that much. Though my love for trading cannot be expressed in words and no one can sit in front of the platform and wait for trades, of course, that’s not my style of trading, the thing is that I love trading. That’s what is required. If you love something, then you will get more reasons to learn it properly and apply it perfectly. That’s why they say when you have “Will Power” you don’t need anything. If you want to do it, you can do it, no matter how hard it is, but our power to achieve is very important. If you are only in trading for making a living and you don’t like this profession and you don’t like to trade and you only want shortcuts then you should quit now, cause I personally don’t want anyone to have a bad experience in this trading field.

Theory Number 3:- Don’t Be Afraid of what you are doing.

Traders are in risk, we all know that. They have the risk to lose all their money in trading. But if you know how to protect your account from false trades that’s what matters most. Everything in this world has a risk, come on our life is also at risk every moment. We never know what is going to happen next so, how can you tell something or predict 100% about something in the FOREX market? That’s just common sense. You can use Stop Loss and you can use trailing stop which most of the traders of the world mainly Bangladeshi stock traders don’t get it handy. So, how lucky you are. You are getting leverage over your capital and you can trade well with a minimum amount of capital. But why traders are afraid, because they don’t have confidence in their trade and they are afraid of losing a bit of the money invested. You need to make up your mind, that’s what is mostly needed. And don’t risk such amount of money in a trade which you cannot risk. Use proper money management and use SET AND FORGET technique. Believe me, it really helps.

Theory Number 4:- Don’t memorize, try to understand.

I see many traders who try to memorize a lot of things, like chart patterns, candlestick patterns, indicators use etc. In my way, No need. There are thousands of patterns of charts, candlesticks and millions of indicators being sold in the market. Why bother? Keep your trading simple and try to understand what market is trying to tell you. Have you watched the ROBI advertisement? “KAKU Becomes DAKU”? This advertisement showed that miscommunication can be a big problem and that’s what I am trying to make everyone understand that try to have good communication with the market. The market speaks, and you need to listen. We don’t move the market, we just follow it. So, try to read the market, understand what it is trying to say, rather than memorizing the patterns and waiting for the pattern to appear on the chart and then trade. Who knows, the pattern may have false breakouts and false setup. So, try to understand that’s what is called a magic spell and that’s what I personally use.

Theory Number 5:- If you are specializing in one field, why trying to diversify for profit? Like the GADHE SUHAAS in the film.

We saw a character in the film, SUHAAS who did engineering and then MBA so that he can fit into a job to get a good amount of money. Wherever he sees a good profit, he runs after it as well as he also shows off what he has. Many traders in our society trade with several numbers of pairs and try to take over 10 trade a day. For them, STOP RIGHT THERE. You are trying to lose all your capital. If you are trying to show off that you use a good amount of indicators and trade with more than 10 pairs a day and trying show yourself as a successful trader, wait for brother you are showcasing yourself. If you are telling you don’t lose trades or you have over 99+ accuracy you are faking yourself as well as others in the community. Don’t overtrade, and don’t showcase yourself. If you are good, people will talk about you, you don’t have to shout and inform everyone about your greatness. So, try to analyze with maximum 3 pairs a day and try to be very specific and don’t jump on a trade without confirming the trading conditions. Select the pairs which fit your styles and setups and go after it.

Theory Number 6 :- ALL IZ WELL.

The ALL IZ WELL theory works everywhere. In the film, we saw its effect and traders might also have good use of it. ALL IZ WELL, traders remember it cause ALL IZ WELL is needed mostly for the traders. This can be used as a SPELL. Yes, SPELL to keep your confidence. I saw many traders including myself getting a bath by sweat when the trade goes against us. What a scene? What a moment? It feels like why did we open the trade? What’s wrong with me? At that moment, just listen to your heart saying ALL IZ WELL. Try not to close your trade before hitting stop loss. I saw many cases where before STOP LOSS is hit the trader closes the order but after a few minutes the trade comes to favour and without hitting the stop loss level it goes directly to take profit level. That’s what many traders have experienced. So, keep calm and control your emotions. Don’t lose hope, and make sure to confirm trade and analyze properly before opening an order. Don’t try to analyze more after the order is opened, on that time you will not get a chance to repaint your mistakes. Say ALL IZ WELL and be confident. What will happen if you lose the trade? If you are properly maintaining the money management you will get hundreds of opportunities in the future. Don’t lose hope, Just say ALL IZ WELL.

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