Where Losing is not an Option

We always look for idols in America, England, Australia etc. In this article, Where Losing is not an option, we will learn from a regular guy about How to Get Up from Consistent Losses. We try to learn from them how they are surviving in this cruel world. But do we know we have many people around us who can teach us a lesson of life and mostly trading?


I was walking around Kotowali area with my Cousin Mr Al Faisal when I saw a person selling singaras and somusas in a van who would be around 60 years. He is an old aged guy named ABDUS SATTAR. He sells Singara, Dalpuri and Alu Chop in the street of FIRINGEE BAZAR, near Dovash mansion. Why I am talking about him? There is a reason.

Where Losing is not an option – The History


sample image source from – Bangladesh Post website

The man used to have a shop in the same street 4 years ago. Due to the CDA road broadening process, he lost his shop. He is a man not less than 60 years old. He was very much depressed and was not finding any path to regain what he lost. After a month, he came up with a new idea, he started selling the same products on the footpath of that street. Moreover, He did not stop, he again attracted customers to his shop and MASHA ALLAH, there are many stores near him who sell same products but the man’s van is surrounded by tons of customers waiting for his special singara, dalpuri and alu chop.
This man is an inspiration, this man is a hero whom we don’t even care. We care about Bill Gates, Warren Buffet but we undermine the winner of the war named life among us. The man could sit back and cry for the whole life but he decided to stand up and fight again, That’s what is called SPIRIT, strength to get up.

What A Trader Can Learn From This?

Now if you are a trader or a businessman what we can learn from it?

1. Specialization tool. The man concentrates on a few products to produce and what he produces is the best. So, as a businessman or a trader, we should concentrate on a specific field or instrument rather than spreading our legs on two boats. Concentrating on many markets or equipment may only confuse you and get you nowhere.

2. Losing is not an option. The man teaches us, there may be losses, there may be a downfall, life may strike you down but the choice to stand up and fight again is yours. Crying and sitting back is not an option. He made me realize the golden quote ” YOU ARE STILL A WINNER UNLESS YOU STOP TRYING”. So, in business and trading there may be huge losses but sitting back and crying for what you lost is just like wasting time. Get up, and identify your mistakes, try to resolve it and gain success.

3. Have faith in yourself. Believe that you can succeed. The man believed that he can start again, he had faith that he can regain the confidence of the customers. He believed that he can make it up again, it does not matter where he is starting from but is the start satisfying his need? That’s what is very important. You might cry over having low capital on business but if you aim high, I personally believe we can do it.

This man, Abdus Sattar, is an example for us. Let’s be inspired, lets think positive, let’s gather confidence, lets work towards the goals which we are meant for. Learn to be a professional trader with Lifetime Membership, Join MFX University today. Exclusive Discounts and Offers Available.

Thanks for reading this.
MD. Rockybul Hasan
Founder & Chief Analyst
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